Sunday Puja

Pooja Every Sunday at 11:00 AM – 01:00 PM followed by Bhajans, Announcements, Sermon, Subh Kariyo (if prasad is sponsored), Bhog Bhajan, Arti, Charnamrut & Prasad in the dining area.

Puja, for Sri Ganeshji, is usually performed on Sundays. Witnessing the Puja being performed is considered in itself a blessing. Puja and Sanskrit mantras are unique to this worship by Hindus and have great symbolism. As a special request, on certain occasions, a special Puja is performed.

The Puja starts with paying homage to mother, father, and Guru – the preceptor and then taking a resolve – the Sankalpa, to identify yourself in this universe, day and time. Then one progresses through a sixteen-stage Pooja (the Shodasa Upacharas) including Dhyana, Avahana, Arghyam, Achamanam, Arghyam, Snanam, Madhuparkam, Panchamrutha Snanam, Suddodhaka Snanam, Vasthra Ugmam, Gandham, and Akshathas. Then one recites 21, or 108 names of God, offering a flower for each name.

This is followed by offering Dhoop (Agar batthi), Deepa (lamp), Naivadya (Prasad), Thambul (Pan), and Niraajanam (Aarathi camphor). Finally, flowers are offered and the devotee stands up, slowly turns clockwise chanting God’s name, and finally prostates symbolizing total surrender to God. Finally, the Santhi Pat is recited to pray for the welfare of all forms of life in this universe.

Following Ganesh Puja, a Kirtan in the praise of Ganeshji and another “Sivarama Ashtakam” are recited by the few devotees gathered, followed by 5-6 bhajans offered by the devotees. Then the priest gives a talk for 10 minutes either by explaining a few slokas from Bhagavad Gita or synthesizing a topic suitable for the occasion. Followed by announcements of community interest, there will be a recitation of Tulasidasji’s Ram Manas Charithra, recitation of Sriram Jaya Ram, silent prayer, Bhog Bhajan, Aaarathi, distribution of Charanamruth and Prasad.

Sponsoring Sunday Prasad

Devotees are welcome to book the temple for private or VAS-sponsored public functions through the Executive Council.

Minimum Charge Prasad Menu
351 CAD
  • Halwa
  • Channa or Kidney beans or any dal
  • Frozen mixed vegetables with potatoes or Potato-Methi, Tofu, Peas, and Potatoes, or Potatoes with Seasonal Vegetables
  • Plain rice with cumin
  • Naan

Sponsors are requested to bring fresh flowers and fruits before 10:30 AM for puja.