Shiva Puja

Worship of Lord Siva on the first Monday of every month began at the Hindu Temple at the request of some Sai Baba devotees. It is held in the evening from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Sodasho-uparchaara puja is offered to Siva Linga on this occasion. It consists of the following offerings: dhyaanam, invocation, praana prathistam, ablutions, panchaamrta abhishekam, snaanam, yagnopavitam, vastram, ornaments, sandal paste, anga puja, ashtotra puja with flowers, incense, deepam, nivedanam, camphor aarti, namaskaram, Siva-aarati, charanaamrth and prasaad distribution.

Between the ashtotra puja and other items devotees sing bhajans. Sivaashtakam, Lingaashtakam, Sivachaalissa and other Siva prayers are sung individually and severally.

Occasionally, if time permits, the priest chants Rudram and does ‘Om Namashivaaya’ japam.



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