V.A.S. Function Group MasterChef


  • All the participants will be divided into odd and even groups in each categories. Division will be done by lottery.(for more details , please refer to below example)
  • Participants has to bring the cooked food, only microwave will be provided and it is up to participants to do the garnishing, final presentation at the venue.
  • Based on the participation, there could be 2 rounds i.e. qualifying round and final round.
  • Participants has to make sure that there is sufficient quantity in order to participate in 2 rounds (at least 12 judges can taste (1-2 spoons are good enough for taste).
  • It will be a point based competition, Main Judges will have 60% while Audience Judges will have 40%.
  • There will be 2 main Judges with 30 points each and 4 Audience Judges with 10 points each.
  • If you are a participant then your family member cannot be a Audience Judge for the round you are participating.
  • In case there is a tie in qualifying round then all the participants will be qualified for the next round and in case of tie in final round all the participants will be considered Winner.
  • There will be 2 prizes in each category.
  • Registration fees is 5 dollar for each category and 10 dollars for all 3 categories.
  • If you want to participate with 2 dishes in same category, registration fees will be 7 dollars.
  • Participants will be entitled to use a Life Line (Change the judge) only once in a round. For example if you are not satisfied with the score of any particular Audience judge, with the help of this Lifeline you can change that particular judge but only once.
  • Last date of registration is 15 th June 2017.
  • All the participants are requested to respect the Decision made by Judges and a healthy cooperation is expected by participants with organizing Group.
  • If there is remaining Food after the competition then Participants can put in the Taste Zone for all the Audience present or can take it back.


Example:-If there are 10 participants in category Main Cuisine, so participants will be divided in 3 groups (Group A, B, C) with 3, 3 and 4 participants respectively by a Lottery.
There will be a competition within the 3 Groups which will be called a Qualifying round. Those participants with
highest score will qualify from each group to Final Round. The 3 qualifiers will face off in Final round and who so ever gets maximum points will be awarded “MASTERCHEF 2017” and with second highest points will be “Runners Up MasterChef 2017”.