Havan on Second Saturday of Month at 11:00 A.M. – 01:00 P.M. followed by potluck in the dining area.

Havan/Agni Hotra or Deva Yajna, this sacrament of worshiping the divine through the symbol of light; flame or fire is considered very sacred and highly efficacious mode of POOJA or invoking God’s Grace.

Essential requirements of HAVAN are, kindling a fire, offering oblations of GHEE (clarified butter) and SAMAGRI (organic material), and reciting Vedic Mantras along.

God is called JYOTI SWAROOP or light of lights because He is Self effulgent and therefore the light or flame is this closest symbol. In Agnihotra we create a big flame by kindling fire with wood in a specially designed receptacle called HAVAN KUND. Oblations of clarified butter and samagri are poured into the fire while reciting Vedic Mantras. Samagri consists of some anti-pollutant and anti-septic materials like saffron, sandal wood powder etc. and some carbohydrate materials like rice, pulses, and sugar. Also added in it are medical herbs to kill germs and cure diseases.

Devotees draw divine vibrations from four sources of energy which develop during the process of Havan. These are:

  1. Rhythmic chanting of OM, GAYATRI and other Vedic Mantras;
  2. Vaporized material and fine partials produced by complete combustion of ghee and Samagri which absorb divine vibrations generated from chanting of mantras.
  3. The interaction occurring amongst individually held divine vibrations absorbed by the various participants during the whole process of Havan and triggered by their faith, devotion and dedication.
  4. Finally, ever present (life energy) vitalized by the divine vibrations pulsating all around. All these four sources of divine energy individually and collectively multiply the beneficial effect of Agnihotra on these devotees.

Further the greatness of Agnihotra lies in the meticulous selection of Vedic Hymns by our great Rishis and the precise manner of their delivery in the whole process of Havan, thereby generating a field of fantastic powers of divine vibrations, immensely benefiting the physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual functions of the devotees. Also a very high place has been awarded to the Agnihotra in our scriptures because of the aerodynamic effects of thermal energy produced by the Havan fire in transporting far and wide vaporized partials carrying divine vibrations thus benefiting a large population. For that reason Agnihotra is also termed as Deva Yajna, the righteous action benefiting many in invoking God’s grace.