Facility Use

Devotees are welcome to book temple for private or V.A.S. sponsored public functions by contacting the VAS Board Members.



Minimum Charge

Prasad Menu

$ 231.00

  • Halwa

  • Channa or Kidney beans or any dal

  • Frozen mixed vegetables with potatoes or Potato-Methi, or Tofu, or Peas and Potatoes, or Potatoes with Seasonal Vegetables

  • Plain rice with cumin

  • Naan

Sponsors are requested to bring fresh flowers and fruits before 10:30 am for puja and also arrange 5 to 6 volunteers to help with the preparation and cleaning up in the end.


Minimum Charge


$ 351.00 Birthdays, Anniversary, Social Gathering (With Kitchen Facility)
$301.00 Birthdays, Anniversary, Social Gathering (Without Kitchen Facility)
$ 201.00 For Half-Day Private Functions
$ 501.00 Wedding Ceremony in Temple Puja Hall*
$101.00 By other organization on regular basis (Without kitchen facility)

* An extra $50 will be charged to it for cleaning the temple.